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Shenzhen City Chuangjia Co. Ltd.
Address: Shenzhen City, Longgang, Bantian Tian An Road No. 35 building B
Tel: 0755-89378883
Mobile phone: 13902473825
Contact: Mr. Zhou

About Us

  United Chuangjia Electronics Co., Ltd. is a card speakers, radios, lighting products, electronic toys and other professional production and processing of private partnerships,

the company is headquartered in No. 35 Road , Longgang District SakataÌïÌì°². Since its inception , adhere to the people -oriented management , focusing on personnel , team

introduction , technical training and management . Currently has a number of highly qualified management personnel , responsible and skilled workforce and more than 100 people ,

to ensure product quality to provide a reliable assurance, production and processing of products inspection pass rate of more than 95%
        Company headquarters is currently under research and development department, quality department , financial department, purchasing department, production department and

sales department to ensure that the design, production to sales and after-sales service of the train , "integrity first service-oriented reputation first " is the company since

its establishment consistent marketing idea, to seize the market through continuous good opportunities for development, is committed to expand domestic and foreign markets. Full

of challenges and opportunities of the new century, the company will continue to work hard, and customers work together to create brilliant , creating a superior product . To

achieve corporate value and the value of employees to grow , create value for customers , adding to the social well-being .