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WIFI module of bluetooth several times this expensive bluetooth speakers low-end outbreak?
Release date:2014-02-15 Views:3200
As supporting demand growth in smartphones, tablets, and the emergence of new bluetooth standard bluetooth devices are welcomed. From the beginning of the new traffic rules of bluetooth headset out of stock, to the recent fall in Hong Kong electronics show, the author has a sense of bluetooth wireless equipment
Bluetooth device in question is can not fail to mention bluetooth speakers, in each big consumer electronics show include gift show, bluetooth speaker is take charge of the protagonist. But bluetooth speakers really actually is also in recent years, it should be said that from 2011 began to appear. When card speaker market is facing a contraction, drove many to do speaker manufacturers began to look for new products and selling point. When some star enterprise, such as Wan Deshi began the research and development of bluetooth speakers.
Shenzhen digital technology co., LTD. Two thousand operations director liu said that the current bluetooth speaker manufacturers, mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta and other places, the general is not very big. If you count the few mill processing plants, there are about over thousands of manufacturers in the production of bluetooth speakers products. Including some mobile phone brands and Internet companies are currently in the push of the bluetooth speakers, ODM is also looking for these companies.
Page 2: the quality or price?
The rise of page 3: WIFI speakers
Page 4: WIFI module instead of bluetooth? The cost of your three or four times