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Yuanxiao encounter valentine's day, fast speakers exclusive gift recommend valentine's day
Release date:2014-02-15 Views:2851
This year's Lantern Festival on February 14, the solar calendar, also is the western valentine's day, in the double of match well of Chinese and western valentine's day, the happiness is. In 2014, the season of love, love to listen to your lover's surging, exclusive speed technology exclusive gift of valentine's day.
2014.2.14 valentine's day for your lover to prepare a special gift, let the one you love experience another digital valentine's day, warm and sweet memories.
Exclusive gift a valentine's day:

Speed U190 youth sweet appearance, fruity and compact design, as well as clear moving sound quality, make it won the favour of people. Speed U190 bluetooth speakers to pursue simple, not too much complicated input and operation, let the music play more fun. In addition, the extreme U190 a key bluetooth phone, long range standby, let beautiful timbre, bring sweet good mood every day!
Valentine's day exclusive gift 2:
Tidal wave, share festal color - speed H100 household bluetooth speakers
Yuanxiao valentine's day, yuanxiao festival is indispensable, at home also can enjoy the romantic valentine's day. Eating yuanxiao, video equipment connected to the extreme H100, this festive holiday atmosphere filled with every corner, share festal color.

Extreme H100 unique elegance concise appearance, silver and black classical collocation, easily integrated into a variety of living space. Extreme H100 built-in 3 speakers, sound intensity is open, the sound quality pure, low frequency without a hissing sound, intermediate frequency and high frequency appear a strong, clear and loud. Let you enjoying the Lantern Festival party, for extraordinary sense of hearing.