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Sweet little bluetooth stereo! YiTeMing guest to drag
Release date:2014-02-15 Views:3348

Bubble net channel speakers on February 14, the New Year new atmosphere, little bluetooth speakers in the past year is definitely one of the most popular products. As the most famous of these, king kong 3 bluetooth full suspension speakers, but also bring us the visual and auditory feast. Not only have comparable to big audio sound quality, as well as the function of the rich, at the same time, the appearance of fine fashion is to let a person fondle admiringly.
King kong 3 bluetooth full suspension box features:
Have NFC, bluetooth, TF card, phone, FM radio, all music format compatibility, multiple functions such as remote control
Have "suspension" low frequency resonance system exclusive patent, bring super low frequency transformers 3
Equipped with bluetooth speakers xeon 5 w high power, bring king kong 3 large volume
Industry pioneered hybrid drive, provide transformers 3 long battery life
Delicate appearance, glamorous

Any product, want to give people a good impression, the delicate appearance design is indispensable. Elegant appearance design, can immediately grab people's attention. And king kong 3 bluetooth full suspension speakers in terms of appearance greatly breaks through the previous model, the modelling of new more nimble 悦耳蓝牙小音响!艾特铭客欲变装来袭 Since king kong 1 generation, transformers series was used for cylindrical box body design, when the cabinet design listed an fashion whirlwind in the industry. So the new generation of king kong 3 bluetooth full suspension speakers, still continue to use the cylindrical box body design, but it is improved and the breakthrough in the field of details. For traditional a waist design was carried out on the cylinder body, the body shape of the quadrature in the compasses in such a design makes that more vogue and clever.
悦耳蓝牙小音响!艾特铭客欲变装来袭 Despite more clever design of the waist of, king kong 3 bluetooth full suspension speakers also has strong metal texture, and seamless integration of design. The amp can't find a flaw in appearance, is like a delicate work of art. Of course, in addition to the outstanding appearance, the function of the rich and the perfect quality and king kong 3 bluetooth full suspension sound a magic weapon to win.
Keep improving the appearance of king kong 3 bluetooth full suspension acoustics, in the case of originally appearance is extremely superior, changed into the golden new clothes for it. Golden new clothes after launch, soon made the vast majority of consumer recognition. Strong metal texture, seamless integration design, match again a new golden color, the appearance of the entire amp model to a new peak. Beautiful golden, king kong 3 bluetooth full suspension sound became a gorgeous queen ornament, so it becomes granted the gold version of sell like hot cakes.
Above has said king kong 3 bluetooth full suspension speakers for the pursuit of appearance has not stopped, the king kong 3 bluetooth full suspension speakers will in the near future to launch a full color match colors, to welcome the new 2014. But for the new color concrete is what color, but there has been no exposure. But believe that new color, will be delicate transformers 3 bluetooth full suspension speakers add new style. Let us together to look forward to meet the new king kong 3 bluetooth full suspension speakers, believe that a new round of fashion storm is about to be lifted.